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We are looking for an individual or company to match funds we raise each year. We raise an average of $10,000.00 per year and 100% of all money raised goes back to our local Veterans each year. No one makes a dime in this organization.

What we do:

To date, we have helped 62 Veterans in the Milwaukee / Waukesha area. Some areas we help out in is assistance in rent, energy, medication, schooling, minor home repairs, food, clothing and more.

Also, the One Act of Giving "Honor Trip" (2 day trip) pays for our Vietnam Veterans to travel to Missouri's National Veterans Memorial in Perryville, MO. There is no charge to the Veteran whatsoever. We pay for the Veteran and a chaperone's motel (1 night) food (lunch to and from and dinner 1 night / breakfast is continental 1 morning at the motel) and gasoline for their vehicle.

We give to Am Vets posts in the area to help out with the many kind things they do for our Veterans.

There will never be too much money to help out our local Veterans because their needs, unfortunately, never end. But with matching funds, we could make a bigger dent in the problems they face.

What we could do for you:

We'll put your logo and information on our website (if you are a company). With each Veteran we help, we send out a notice to all who have donated to show them where their money is going. We would add your logo to that correspondence also.

Just contact us and we'll take it from there. Thank you for your consideration.

Craig Frohna / Founder
PO Box 511281
New Berlin, WI 53151